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Have you not received your rebate checks yet?

Dollars in mail
Dollars in mail (Photo: Google)

Over 128,000 one-time tax rebate checks went uncashed and got expired after their November and December issuance dates. Minnesota Department of Revenue will reissue these checks starting this week until mid-March.

Front of Minnesota Department of Revenue

Front of Minnesota Department of Revenue (Photo: Minnesota Department of Revenue website)

Might Be Mistaken For Junk Mail

On February 15, the Minnesota Department of Revenue announces that there are 128,000 one-time tax rebate checks that have gone uncashed and went expired since these were issued on November and December of last year.

WillmarRadio reported, that these checks came from a third-party contractor in Montana and the recipient might have mistaken these for junk mails. KNSIRadio, in their report, identified the checks came from Submittable Holdings, Inc., which have an address out of Montana.

Moreover, the new checks will be mailed from the State of Minnesota and are standard baking safeguards are still in place.

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Mail Also Includes 1099-MISC Form

The Minnesota Department of Revenue also informed residents that this one-time tax rebate is not taxable on the Minnesota income tax return but is taxable on the federal return. With this, all recipients of the checks should also expect to receive Form 1099-MISC to be used for filing 2023 individual income tax return.

According to Fox9, eligible recipients should receive the reissued checks on or before May 1, otherwise, contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue at 651-556-3000.

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