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Winter Storm Brings Messy Conditions to Northeast and New England

A winter storm is causing messy conditions in the interior Northeast and New England. On Friday morning, a raw, cold rain was hitting the major cities along the I-95 corridor, while a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain was affecting interior parts of the Northeast and New England, based on an article published by NBC News on December 17, 2022.

The snow is expected to continue in northern Maine through late Saturday and into Sunday morning, with additional snowfall of 3-6 inches at lower elevations and up to 24 inches in higher elevations, such as the Adirondacks, Green Mountains, and White Mountains.

As the storm moves away to the north and east, cold winds from Canada will bring heavy snow to the Great Lakes region through the weekend. Buffalo is expected to receive 15–22 inches of new snow, which is above average for the season.

While the Northeast and New England deal with the winter storm, parts of the Plains are experiencing their third day of blizzard conditions.

Blizzard warnings have been extended to Friday evening in parts of eastern Montana, the Dakotas, and northern Nebraska, where strong winds and additional snow of 1-3 inches are expected to create whiteout conditions and dangerous travel.

These areas, known as “Blizzard Alley,” are no strangers to blowing snow and high winds, but this blizzard has been particularly powerful, burying the region in 3–4 feet of snow over several days. Bismarck, North Dakota, is now experiencing its snowiest start to a season on record.

According to the National Weather Service, the snow is expected to end and the winds to subside by Friday night.


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