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One-year-old boy Dies While Trapped In a car With His Grandfather

A year-old child was in the car for 16 hours, and died from exposure and hypothermia with his grandfather who died from a diabetic attack.

The 55-year-old Antonio Blanco Gil frequently watched over his grandson, Daniel, while its parents were at work. According to an article published by Leidig & Williams (2022), Gil tried to get treatment at two different medical facilities on Wednesday, December 7, taking Daniel with him when he felt unwell. However, he was never able to reach help because he had a diabetic incident while driving, which led to both his own death and the death of his grandson.

Daniel was left trapped in the car with his deceased older relative after Antonio’s diabetes caused a fatal heart attack, and he wasn’t found until well into the following day. The incident happened between two nearby towns on a rural road.

Since the medical facilities were overflowing on the terrible day, Gil never received assistance and instead got back into his black Skoda Octavia to drive Daniel to his parents, where the incident took place. According to reports, Antonio attempted to administer insulin to himself using a syringe that was discovered next to his body, but he was reportedly unable to do so before his diabetes brought on a fatal heart attack.

 As his family and security personnel searched for them through the night in driving rain, Gil’s autopsy revealed that he had passed away around 8 p.m. on the first day.

Laying next to his dead grandfather, Daniel, suffers from hypothermia, starvation, and a lack of oxygen that caused hypoglycemia and put him into a coma.Daniel passed away on December 13 after doctors tragically failed in their attempts to save him.

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