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Ozark Families Eagerly Anticipating the Arrival of Third Pandemic School lunch Payout

According to a report published on December 7, 2022, by Lauren , some families in Missouri are anxiously awaiting a state check for pandemic EBT funds. This money is part of the COVID-19 relief program that helps cover food benefits for low-income children.

Families thought the checks would arrive this summer, but that did not happen. According to the state, its original proposal had to be resubmitted in early October due to missing information. Schools are required to submit absence data for program eligibility.

The program provides $391 for every child who qualified for subsidized school lunches during the previous academic year and for children under six who are eligible for SNAP. According to the state, eligibility has changed this time around, and no application is required. It is based on COVID-19-related absences.

School districts are urged to submit eligible students for pandemic EBT by the end of December. However, many parents are becoming anxious as the months go by without receiving the funds. If the benefits had been issued closer to summertime, it would have made life easier for many families, according to Rachael Suter, a single mother of three kids who is waiting for the funds.

The last step before funds are Issued is for absence data to be sent from the schools to the Missouri Department of Social Services for approval. State education leaders hope the checks will go out early next year, according to Barbara Shaw with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The delay in issuing the funds has been difficult for many families, particularly single parents. Many families are struggling to make ends meet while they wait for the funds to arrive. According to Shaw, the state is working to quickly review and approve the absence data to get the funds to families as soon as possible.

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