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Three Young Boys Age 8, 10 and 11 Tragically Die After Falling Into an Icy Lake in Babbs Mill Park in Solihull

Three young boys aged 8, 10, and 11 have died after falling into an icy lake in Babbs Mill Park in Solihull yesterday afternoon. While a 6-year-old is fighting for his life and is currently in a serious condition. Police have also stated that they are still searching the lake after hearing that up to six kids may have fallen in.

Search teams spent the night scouring the lakes after authorities said it would no longer be a rescue operation. It is believed that the youngsters were playing on the ice when it happened.

One of the four children pulled from the lake yesterday afternoon has been named Jack Johnson, ten. Another was named locally in floral tributes as 11-year-old Thomas.

West Midlands Police stated that no one has come forward to report anyone missing. Teams of searchers will keep looking until they are 100% confident no one is still missing. The families of the victims are absolutely devasted after the shocking incident that happened to the young children.

According to a neighbor, the seen children namely Jack Johnson and his friends are said to believe seen playing on the ice when it happened. He added that Jack and the other lads saw that it had been snowing from the flats and wanted to go and play. They rushed across to the park and were playing on top of the frozen lake when the ice cracked.

West Midlands Police Superintendent Richard Harris stated last night that officers from all emergency services entered the lake to aid in the rescue, and a police officer was later sent to a hospital.

It was a team effort by all cops wading into the lake to try to rescue them, he added. “When officers initially got on the scene, they went into the lake, working with fire and ambulance colleagues.”

One of the police officers, it was revealed at the press conference, experienced moderate hypothermia but is now well recovering in the hospital. Three other kids were pulled from the lake after three crew members swam to the first youngster. Four kids were transported to area hospitals after the rescue operation.

Four kids who were having cardiac arrests were treated on the spot and sent to the hospital in a blue light ambulance. Two of them were transferred to Heartlands Hospital and two to Birmingham Children’s Hospital after receiving advanced life support, respectively.

The four were all critical when they arrived. A school nearby to the massive Babbs Mill Lake search effort was halted today with a request that people keep those affected in their thoughts. There were no other medical updates offered. According to Birmingham Live, St Anthony’s Primary School in Kingshurst tweeted yesterday night that it will be closed today. It was unknown if the occurrence had a direct impact on it.

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