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Get to know about the arrival of season 3 of Blue exorcist

Blue exorcist

Blue exorcist is a show based on dark fantasies as well as mysteries. This show is best for someone who has a dark soul. This is an interesting Dark Fantasy anime television series based on the Manga series of a similar name. The creator, as well as the illustration of the series, is Kazue Katou. The show was published on April 4, 2009, for the very first time. Soon this show became really popular in Japan. The show took very little time to get a huge reach and audience. After few years, the second season of the show was announced. It was launched on January 7, 2017. Now fans are eagerly waiting for season 3 to arrive.

When will season 3 of blue exorcist arrive?

However, there is no news about season 3 to be released. But still, people can hope for the new season 2 to arrive. It is expected that season 3 would be connected to season 2. It is clear that the covid-19 situation has really affected all of the productions and also paused Season 3 of the blue exorcist.
But there is a good chance of returning the Anime show. The second season had 32 chapters in it. It is possible that created you take a long time to release season 3.

More information on the Blue exorcist

The English dub for the first two seasons of blue exorcist is available on Netflix and FUNimation. It is also expected that season 3 would have similar characters in it along with some new faces. Characters like Jun Fukuyama, Nobihuko Okamoto, Gou Shinomiya, Hiroaki Hirata, Nishimura Maya, and many others are expected to return in their respective roles upcoming season. The story of the 3rd season will begin from the 35th chapter of the Manga. It would be exciting to know the arrival of season 3. All the fans are eagerly waiting for season 3, and we can hopefully say that season 3 would be out soon. The eagerness of fans is worth looking at. This show obviously deserves all the love and respect that it has done till now.

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