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House Party Shooting in El Paso’s Upper Valley Sparks Concerns Over Rising Violence

(Photo: kfoxtv)

Rising House Party Shootings in El Paso Raise Urgent Safety Concerns

A recent house party shooting in El Paso’s Upper Valley left Uriah Urias injured as he tried to break up a fight, highlighting a growing issue of gun violence at such gatherings in the area. (Photo: dailymail)

Community Grapples with Safety Concerns During Alarming House Party Shooting Trend

According to source, In El Paso’s Upper Valley a recent house party shooting incident left Uriah Urias injured as he attempted to break up a fight during the house party shooting event. Urias one of at least two victims of the shooting, sustained a gunshot wound that damaged a major artery in his head, but he is now in stable condition following the shooting. This incident is part of a concerning trend of gun violence at house parties in El Paso with community members expressing their concerns about the recurring house party shooting incidents and emphasizing the need to address the issue.

The house party, which took place on the 5800 block of Sixta Drive, highlights the ongoing challenge of gun violence at such house party gatherings, leaving residents worried about their safety during the shootings.

Neighbors like Trent Nelson voiced their doubts about finding a solution to these problems associated with house party shootings due to the difficulty in preventing people from hosting a house party, selling alcohol at a party, or engaging in reckless behavior during a house party.

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Community Seeks Solutions and Support After House Party Shooting Incident

The frequency of these house party shooting incidents is raising concerns about the safety of community members attending or living near such house parties. To support Urias in his recovery after the shooting, his family initiated a GoFundMe campaign to cover his medical expenses related to the house party shooting, reflecting the substantial financial burden that often follows such violent incidents like house party shootings.

While Urias’ condition has stabilized after the house party shooting, the incident underscores the pressing need for addressing issues related to gun violence, and ensuring the safety of residents during social gatherings in El Paso.

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