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Man Arrested After Killing Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend In Texas

Shooting Incident
Shooting Incident

Eric LaMountain was arrested after killing his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend in Texas. LaMountain allegedly informed his ex-girlfriend about his plans before proceeding with the shooting.

Eric LaMountain, Suspect of Shooting in Texas [Photo: FOX 7 Austin]

Eric LaMountain, Suspect of Shooting in Texas [Photo: FOX 7 Austin]

On January 10, Austin Police has responded to a shooting incident in Austin, Texas. Upon arriving at the scene, the police found the victim Gavin Wood, 37, on the sidewalk with bullet wounds. According to Wood’s girlfriend, her ex-boyfriend Eric LaMountain, 35, shot Wood to his death. LaMountain had already fled the scene after the shooting, but the police eventually located him after a while. LaMountain was then taken into custody and faced a charge of first-degree murder, as reported by Mion.

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More Details on the Shooting

According to Mion, the ex-girlfriend stated that LaMountain learned about her relationship with Wood at the end of December 2022. On January 8, the ex-girlfriend admitted to cheating on LaMountain and broke up with him. Two days later, the ex-girlfriend reportedly received a threat from LaMountain. When asked if he would kill her, La Mountain responded “Not you.” LaMountain then sent her photos of a gun and a screenshot of a ride-sharing app to Wood’s residence.

The ex-girlfriend reportedly warned Wood about her conversation with LaMountain. However, Wood did not believe LaMountain to be a threat. While heading home at around 3:30 a.m., the ex-girlfriend received a call from LaMountain admitting he has shot Wood and believed he was already dead. The ex-girlfriend then proceeded to call Austin Police. After his arrest, LaMountain admitted that he had hit Wood in the head with a gun. Wood turned to run away, but LaMountain shot him until his gun became empty. LaMountain also thought about reloading his gun but decided to leave the area instead.

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