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Package Theft From Several Homes In Texas Caught On Camera

Package Theft in Texas [Photo:]
Package Theft in Texas [Photo:]

Porch pirates were caught on camera stealing packages from several homes after trailing delivery trucks in Manchaca, Texas. Michael Peach, one of the victims, has decided to file a report against the thefts once and for all.

Porch Pirates

Porch Pirates

Michael Peach, a resident of Bear Creek Crossings in Manchaca, Texas, has become one of the victims of porch pirates. In layman’s terms, porch pirates steal packages from other people’s homes. According to Peach, his package was stolen on his front porch just a few minutes after being delivered. Fortunately, the suspects in the package theft and the vehicle they used has been caught on Peach’s cameras. The video showed that the porch pirates showed up just a few minutes after the delivery truck arrived. Peach believed the suspects have been trailing the delivery truck, as reported by Ruiz.

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Not An Isolated Case

According to Ruiz, when Peach relayed the information to his neighbors, he discovered that he was not the only victim of package thefts. According to Peach, around 4 to 5 people in their neighborhood have admitted that they have also suffered from porch pirates. In the next neighborhood roughly 10 to 15 minutes away from theirs, also 10 to 12 people admitted they have experienced the same. Peach has already informed the Travis County Sheriff’s Office about the incident and he was asked to file a report online. On January 10, the Travis Police reached out to Peach for the video footage and photos.

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