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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spark Political Conspiracy Theories in Unlikely Romance Twist

Photo from Newsweek

The developing romance of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce descended into political conspiracy theories.

Taylor Swift MAGA conspiracy theories: Right-wing media targets star

Romance of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Stirs Political Conspiracy Theories (Photo from The Boston Globe)

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Romance Sparks Wild Political Conspiracy Theories: Unraveling the Unsubstantiated Buzz

After the Chiefs qualified for the Super Bowl, social media rumors spread. From Taylor Swift’s supposed Pentagon psychological operations to unsubstantiated reports that the famous pair are plotting President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection, rumors abounded.

Another idea held that the Chiefs’ victory was planned for the Feb. 11 game in Las Vegas.

Right-wing politicians and media personalities including former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, political activist Laura Loomer, and One America News Network host Alison Steinberg expanded these unsubstantiated claims.

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Romance of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Stirs Political Conspiracy Theories: Unmasking the Baseless Buzz and Celebrity Influence in Politics

These assertions are absurd, but they may represent right-wing anxieties over Taylor Swift’s effect. Swift’s Eras Tour became the first tour to reach $1 billion, and there is concern that her stardom could influence the presidential election if she steers her large fans in a certain direction.

Celebrities have traditionally supported political campaigns. Candidates often use celebrity popularity to their advantage. Celebrity endorsements may affect elections, but this is unclear. It appears Swift’s influence can at least stimulate voter registration. Swift’s September Instagram post encouraging her 272 million followers to vote led to over 35,000 registrations.

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