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Chet Holmgren, Not Victor Wembanyama, is NBA’s Rookie of the Year: JJ Redick Makes Bold Call

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JJ Redick is surprised by choosing Chet Holmgren over Victor Wembanyama for NBA Rookie of the Year despite Wemby’s vital stats. San Antonio’s Wembanyama has averaged 23.2 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 3.5 blocks in 24.2 minutes per game since the start of the year.

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Chet Holmgren for NBA Rookie of the Year Over Stats Leader Wembanyama

NBA commentator Redick favored OKC Thunder big man Chet Holmgren for Rookie of the Year. Redick stressed Holmgren’s importance on a successful Thunder squad, which is second in the Western Conference with a 27-13 record. Wembanyama and the Spurs are 7-32, last in the West.

Redick praised Holmgren’s debut performance on a solid squad. He said Holmgren’s defensive efficiency and production helped OKC succeed. Redick said Holmgren deserved Rookie of the Year as long as OKC keeps winning, regardless of Wemby’s performance.

According to box score statistics, Wembanyama has more points, rebounds, and blocks than Holmgren. However, Redick stressed advanced stats. Holmgren outperforms Wemby in offensive and defensive ratings, demonstrating his team service. Despite shooting fewer shots, Holmgren has a higher three-point percentage.

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JJ Redick Picks Chet Holmgren for NBA Rookie of the Year Despite Vegas Odds Favoring Wembanyama

Redick believes Holmgren is the Rookie of the Year favorite despite the NBA regular season’s three months remaining. BETMGM and Las Vegas bookmakers prefer Holmgren. However, the NBA season is dynamic, so Wembanyama may change minds with solid performances in the coming months.

Redick’s surprising decision for Chet Holmgren to be Rookie of the Year emphasizes team achievement and influence, emphasizing the value of advanced data over box score numbers in player evaluation.

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