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Big Ten Schools Grapple with Alleged Sign-Stealing by Suspended Michigan Football Staffer

(Photo: foxnews)

Investigation Reveals Ticket Purchases Linked to Big Ten Schools

A suspended Michigan football staffer, Connor Stalions, is under NCAA investigation for alleged sign-stealing, with multiple Big Ten schools revealing his ticket purchases for their games over the past three seasons, raising concerns about potential misconduct during matches. (Photo: foxsports)

Big Ten Schools Uncover Evidence of Ticket Purchases Linked to NCAA Investigation

According to the source, a suspended Michigan football staffer, Connor Stalions, who is under investigation by the NCAA for an alleged sign-stealing scheme, has been found to have purchased tickets in his name for games involving multiple Big Ten schools over the past three seasons. Multiple Big Ten schools have discovered evidence of Stalions’ ticket purchases, with eleven institutions in the conference confirming the electronic acquisition of game tickets in his name, as reported by ESPN and verified by The Associated Press through officials at three Big Ten schools. These findings have raised concerns about potential misconduct during games.

One of the Big Ten schools reported that Stalions purchased tickets for at least four of its home games over the past two years. Another of the Big Ten schools identified ticket purchases in Stalions’ name for five home games spanning the last three seasons, some of which were electronically transferred to other individuals.

Additionally, a third Big Ten school found a ticket purchase under Stalions’ name for a game that took place just two weeks before their team faced off against Michigan last season. This discovery has cast a shadow on the integrity of college football games in the Big Ten.

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Michigan’s Response and NCAA Involvement Raise Questions Across Big Ten Schools

Michigan responded to the allegations by suspending Stalions with pay, pending the conclusion of the investigation. The NCAA is looking into the sign-stealing accusations, and Michigan and the Big Ten have informed the university’s upcoming opponents from other Big Ten schools about the ongoing investigation.

NCAA rules do not explicitly prohibit sign-stealing but have regulations against using electronic equipment to record an opponent’s signals. The situation has also raised questions about the responsibility of head coaches for activities that occur under their supervision. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh himself faced a suspension earlier in the season in connection with an unrelated NCAA violations case related to recruiting.

Stalions, a retired Marine Corps captain and Naval Academy graduate, was hired as an off-field analyst at Michigan in May 2022. However, the investigation into his alleged involvement in sign-stealing continues to unfold, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the world of college football in the Big Ten.

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