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Sexual Assault Charges Dropped for Conor McGregor in NBA Finals Incident


Conor McGregor Cleared of Sexual Assault Charges Arising from NBA Finals Incident

Conor McGregor will not face sexual assault charges in the NBA Finals incident last June, as authorities found insufficient evidence to pursue the case, confirmed by the State Attorney’s Office. (Photo: ctvnews)

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Conor McGregor: Case Closed After No Charges Filed

According to, Former UFC champion Conor McGregor will not face sexual assault charges stemming from an incident that occurred during the NBA Finals in Miami last June, according to statements from his lawyer, police and prosecutors.

The investigation thoroughly examined allegations made by a woman who claimed McGregor sexually assaulted her in an arena bathroom after Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. Following a comprehensive review of the evidence, authorities concluded that there was insufficient basis to pursue sexual assault charges against McGregor, as confirmed by attorney Barbara Llanes.

The decision to not file sexual assault charges was officially confirmed by the State Attorney’s Office, which stated that the potential charges had been dropped, although details about the case’s closeout memo were not immediately available. The woman had accused McGregor of forcing her into a bathroom and alleged that security did not intervene during the incident.

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Bruising Legal Episode: Sexual Assault Charges No Longer Loom Over McGregor

McGregor’s presence at the Heat game was part of a promotional appearance for a pain-relief spray. An in-game skit involving McGregor and the Heat mascot, Burnie, took an unexpected turn when McGregor punched the mascot, who was wearing boxing gloves and a robe. The incident resulted in injury to the employee inside the mascot costume who required medical attention and pain medication for several days due to the sexual assault charges.

McGregor has not participated in a UFC fight since sustaining a broken leg in July 2021 but he is expected to return to the sport in 2024, despite the looming sexual assault charges. This announcement marks the conclusion of a challenging legal matter for McGregor ultimately bringing closure to the sexual assault charges against him resolving the long-standing issue.

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