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Being Gay Doesn’t Make A Player Less Of A Human, Here’s Steven Davies’ Inspiring Story To Gay Guys In Cricket

Being gay
Being Gay Doesn't Make A Player Less Of A Human, Here's Steven Davies' Inspiring Story To Gay Guys In Cricket. (Photo: BBC Sport)

The courage to come out as being gay surely took massive contemplation for Steven Davies when he became the first active male cricketer to admit to the media being gay, a significant move that certainly marked the starting point for other gay guys in the cricket to free off the burden they have been bottling up in their chest for so long.

Being gay

Being Gay Doesn’t Make A Player Less Of A Human, Here’s Steven Davies’ Inspiring Story To Gay Guys In Cricket. (Photo: OutSports)

Being Gay Can Moved Mountains

2011 must have been the most controversial moment for the now 37-year-old Steven Davies for his public announcement of being gay. Sadly, after 12 years since that time, Davies will finally take off the crown as an England international player who played his last seven seasons with Somerset CCC, as he announced his forthcoming retirement when his contract expires. Davies, being gay, didn’t stop him from being an unstoppable wicketkeeper-batsman who joined more than 600 first-class matches, scoring over 23,000 runs.

But before Davies could open up about his sexuality, he also had Gareth Thomas, the first active rugby player who came out being gay, as his inspiration to go public too. Afterward, Davies’ bravery has moved mountains for other players to lift off the weight they’ve been carrying on their shoulders trying to hide being gay. Jack Daniels, became the first football player to come out being gay. Sam Chambers came out being gay by telling Sky Sports interview in 2019 that Davis was his role model. Steve Gillies, a local cricket player also mentioned Davies as his realization tool to express himself and not be afraid of being gay. Lachlan Smith also referenced Davies as part of his success in unveiling the curtain of being gay.

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Being Gay Doesn’t Make You Less Of A Human

Coming out as being gay already fulfilled his goal of inspiring other players, as his retirement nears, Davies expressed his gratitude to the people who have been a part of his journey- his first coach, Rob Wood; his family; and the members, supporters and staff of Somerset and his previous clubs, Worcestershire and Surrey. If there’s one remarkable notion that Davies left for being gay, it’s his perspective that if more people express what they truly are, the more acceptable it will become.

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