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Who Is McKennie Girlfriend? Who Is McKennie Dating?

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Who Is Mckennie

Weston James Earl Mckennie was born in Washington. He is a professional soccer player. He is a midfielder and plays for the United States National Team. He is very popular for his hard and good work as a midfielder for the team. He is also capable of midfield in different positions and as a very defensive midfielder. He was born on 28 august 1998 and now he is of 24 years of age. His parents are Tina and John Mckennie. He is a highly profiled and fit player in his team. From an early age, he started practising soccer, for which he joined local clubs and take many other extra training classes and also trained himself at the home. He has the capability of playing from any of the sides of the ground. He has many defensive skills and work performance as compared to other team players. He has the power or capability to change the game within a second, this is because of his knowledge of the different positions in the midfield.

Who Is Mckennie Dating


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Laura Rypa was dating Mckennie. Her full name is Laura Maria Rypa. She was born on 15 December 1995 and now she is 26 years old. She lives in Germany. She is a famous german social media influencer, celebrity, content creator, youtube and a famous model in Germany. She is extremely known for her amazing content on social media. Being a model she also gets interacted with clothing brands and much more popular interactions with products or brands in Germany. Mainly she focused on her social media career by posting or updating much more data like her photo, news, visiting places etc. She loves animals very much. The most important thing is that she was the winner of the Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar season 8. Her father is a businessman in Germany and her mother is a housewife. Mckennie and Laura Rypa were an amazing couple at that time, through social media influences and from many other sources we came to know that they were very romantic and shared many pictures of love. Laura completed his studies at a very reputable university in Germany She has a net worth of around 1-2 million dollars. She spent most of her time on a social media platform and she updates all of his thoughts and action on social media. She believes social media is the best platform for anyone to improve and show his or her talent.

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