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Harvest Moon 2023: A Spectacular Supermoon Season Comes to a Close with Stunning Lunar Display

(Photo: Orbital Today)

Harvest Moon 2023: A Spectacular Supermoon Season Comes to a Close with Stunning Lunar Display

Harvest moon 2023, the last supermoon of the year, kicks off fall stargazing on Sept. 29 | Space

In 2023, skywatchers were treated to a remarkable supermoon season, with the final celestial spectacle being the Harvest Moon of September. (Photo:

Stargazers Rejoice as Harvest Moon 2023 Caps Off a Summer of Supermoons

According to Space article, the summer of 2023 has been a delightful treat for enthusiasts of full moons, with a remarkable sequence of four supermoons since July, including the rare Super Blue Moon of August. This past weekend, the grand finale of the year unfolded with the Harvest Moon of September, captivating stargazers around the world. Supermoons occur when the moon is at or near its perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit, making it appear up to 30% brighter and 14% larger.

September’s full moon on September 29, known as the Harvest Moon 2023, signifies the start of the Northern Hemisphere’s harvest season and marked the fourth in a series of supermoons that began in July, with two in August due to the Blue Moon. It was a fortunate year for supermoon enthusiasts, as they will have to wait a year until the next one, which won’t occur until September 2024. Photographers and skywatchers worldwide eagerly seized the opportunity to capture the Harvest Moon’s brilliance. An observer ventured to a rooftop in Bloomington, Indiana, offering a unique vantage point to glimpse the moon through metal scaffolding.

Later, an even more breathtaking scene unfolded on a bridge overlooking Bloomington’s Lake Monroe, where the moon’s reflection danced on the water as it rose, creating shimmering ripples. While the difference in size may not always be apparent to casual moon observers, keen stargazers, especially those using binoculars or telescopes, could discern the moon’s enhanced appearance. The full moon reached its peak at 5:57 a.m. EDT on September 29, remaining radiant as it rose again that evening, illuminating the night sky.

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Harvest Moon 2023: Photographers Worldwide Capture Stunning Celestial Moments

Photographers worldwide took advantage of the added moonlight to capture the grandeur of the Harvest Moon 2023. In Germany, fairgoers at the annual Oktoberfest in Munich enjoyed the view from a carousel ride, beautifully captured by photographer Christof Stache. In Texas, Matt Lantz framed a stunning image of the Harvest Moon setting behind a mesquite tree.

One photographer in Italy, Lorenzo Di Cola, demonstrated remarkable patience by composing 14 different images of the Harvest Moon rising over Calascio, creating a mosaic that showcased the moon’s ascent in stages. Di Cola also captured the moon rising behind Rocca Calascio castle and Santa Maria della Pietà church. Finally, in Dublin, Ireland, Olly Griffin combined natural and human-made elements, capturing the Harvest Moon 2023 illuminating Poolberg Lighthouse.

Whether you seek to observe the Harvest Moon 2023 or explore the night sky through telescopes and binoculars, this year’s supermoon season has left a lasting impression on astronomers and photographers alike, offering a celestial spectacle that won’t be seen again until 2024.

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