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President Joe Biden’s Latest Name Mix Up In Speech

Photo: Google

While giving a speech at the Annual National Governor’s Association, President Joe Biden mixed up the name of China’s leader with Russia’s. This slipped as Biden was recalling an anecdote from his time as VP for Barack Obama.

Photo: Google

Known Public Blunders Of President Joe Biden

Reported by GBN, earlier this month President Biden has confused Emmanuel Macron, the current French president, with François Mitterrand, who also led France before. Days later, he also mixed-up Angela Merkel with late German leader Helmut Kohl. Also, this February, he accidentally referred to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the “President of Mexico”.

The latest in this series happened while President Biden was giving his speech at the Annual National Governor’s Association. He was recalling Obama’s warning to him before saying, “He wanted me to get to know Xi Jinping.” “It was clear he was going to be the head of Russia… uuuh China… and we were having problems with Russia at the time and other countries as well.”

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President Biden’s Mental Fitness, Questioned

The Department of Justice releases a report that claimed President Biden has “diminished faculties” and a “poor memory”. The said report written by Special Counsel Robert Hur, described the President as a “well-meaning, elderly man”. Joe Biden is 81 years old.

These reports led to questions about the President’s mental fitness. There’s also talk about Democrats considering replacing Biden as their candidate in 2024 Presidential election.

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