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Security Holes that Permit Taxpayers’ Data to Be Stolen, Now Fixed, Says IRS

IRS Promises Better Service and New Changes for Tax Season (Photo from Google)

In the past, contractors can steal tens of thousands of taxpayers’ personal information. That will no longer happen, as this year, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel said that their agency already fixed the flaws in their system. Taxpayers are promised a smoother experience this year than in the past.

Internal Revenue Service Building (Photo from Google)

Worst Breach in IRS History

IRS Commission Daniel Werfel appeared before that House Ways and Means Committee. Republicans are holding the gavel, trying to get a chance to cut back some of the IRS’s $ 80 billion cash infusion over the next 10 years which was signed into law in 2022 by President Biden.

On the top of the list of GOP Complains against the IRS is the leak of former President Donald Trump’s taxes. Next was stealing tax information of the country’s wealthiest people by Charles Littlejohn. Both New York Times and ProPublica reported that Littlejohn leaked to them the information on Trump and wealthy taxpayers, respectively.

Littlejohn, after he pleaded guilty with the Biden Justice Department, was sentenced to five years in prison. Republicans is not happy with this penalty saying that it is for the worst breach in IRS History.

Mr, Werfel then accepted that it is a stain on the IRS but also said that the flaws are now patched.

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IRS to Deliver 85% Level of Service This Year

Mr. Werfel, during his high-profile testimony, said that the IRS, before, had a massive backlog of returns, unprocessed, for months. However, he said that these backlogs are now cleared, and the agency promises this year, an 85% level of service.

Mr. Werfel said that people should know IRS is on the side of taxpayers. Once the Congress finalizes the pending new tax law in the Senate, the IRS will get the child tax credit benefits out to the families in as little as six weeks. This can happen even if the families already filed their tax returns for last year.  Taxpayers whose income is less than $ 400,000 don’t need to worry about their audit rates increasing.

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