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US ‘Strongest’ Cease-Fire Resolution: Minneapolis City Council Overrides Veto

US 'Strongest' Cease-Fire Resolution: Minneapolis City Council Overrides Veto (Photo: Google)

Advocates said the Minneapolis City Council overrode Mayor Jacob Frey’s rejection of one of the toughest cease-fire resolution measures in the US. The resolution, passed 9-3 on January 25 with one abstention, calls for a cease-fire, ends U.S. military aid to Israel, and calls for the release of Hamas hostages and Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

US ‘Strongest’ Cease-Fire Resolution: Minneapolis City Council Overrides Veto (Photo: Google)

US ‘Strongest’ Cease-Fire Resolution

Council President Elliot Payne and Vice President Aisha Chughtai said the council’s nine-vote override of the mayor’s veto shows its dedication to humanity. Minneapolis, along with San Francisco, Oakland, and Chicago, has called for a regional cease-fire.

Supporters of the Minneapolis resolution emphasize its unique, holistic approach to dispute resolution. They emphasize that it wants an immediate cease-fire, a halt to U.S. funding to Israel, and Palestinian prisoner release.

Some groups call it the “strongest” cease-fire resolution in the nation.

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Controversy Surrounding Mayor’s Veto and Resolution’s Approval

Supporters criticized Mayor Frey’s veto of the motion for ignoring Palestinian suffering and favoring one side. Frey explained his rejection by citing the resolution’s perceived prejudice and its possible impact on Minneapolis’ inclusive and progressive principles.

This resolution is controversial, yet its approval is a major message from Minneapolis internationally. The municipal council seeks to influence state and federal authorities and rally public support for a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue by pushing for peace and justice.

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