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Arizona GOP Chair Accused of Offering Bribe to Deter Kari Lake’s Senate Run

Arizona Republican Party boss tried to keep Kari Lake out of Senate race (Photo: Google)

Kari Lake claims Arizona Republican Party head Jeff DeWit offered her a settlement to stay out of the Senate campaign for two years. According to London’s Daily Mail, DeWit told Lake, “There are very powerful people who want to keep you out,” hinting at a secret political opposition in a 10-minute clip.

Arizona Republican Party boss tried to keep Kari Lake out of Senate race (Photo: Google)

Bribery Charges Against Kari Lake Deepen Arizona GOP Divisions

The March exchange reinforces Lake’s accusations that significant forces opposed her candidacy. State GOP divides grow from the scandal. The Arizona GOP, Lake, and DeWit did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

The Daily Mail said that DeWit added, “It is time to make way for someone else.” Lake said it would damage democracy if businesses hired her to stay out of the campaign, as DeWit requested. Lake replied to financial temptations, “Not about money. About our country.”

Lake may struggle to raise funds for a successful campaign, so DeWit urged her to take a sabbatical. Despite DeWit’s assertions that the offer was about her chances, the footage reveals a heated exchange between the lawmakers.

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The Political Odyssey of DeWit

Jeff DeWit, Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaign manager and NASA CFO, became Arizona GOP leader in January 2023. DeWit allegedly requested funding from the RNC in November.

DeWit’s campaign chairship for Trump-endorsed Jim Lamon complicates the 2022 Arizona Senate contest. The episode illustrates the state GOP’s complicated finances and politics. Arizonans and observers are keeping an eye on this political story to see how it will affect the Senate campaign.

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