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Shockwaves in the North: Iranian Ballistic Missiles Rattle U.S. Facilities in Iraq’s Strike Zone

Iranian ballistic missiles strike near U.S. facilities in northern Iraq (Photo: Google)

In northern Iraq, Iran launched ballistic missiles that exploded near the U.S. consulate and military facilities in Erbil.

Iranian ballistic missiles strike near U.S. facilities in northern Iraq (Photo: Google)

Missile Strikes Targeting Alleged Mossad Facility

Authorities said the attack was a retaliation to “terrorist crimes.” The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed responsibility, saying the missiles hit a “major spy headquarters” linked to Israel’s Mossad intelligence organization, which planned regional terrorism.

Israel has not commented on the event. No U.S. persons or facilities were intentionally targeted, according to the NSC.

The missile strikes did not harm U.S. interests. Kurdish officials reported four deaths and six injuries from the strike. The State Department called Iran’s missile strikes “reckless missile strikes” that threatened Iraq’s stability. The NSC spokesperson called Iran’s attack excuse “reckless and imprecise.” The U.S. tracked the missiles’ northern Iraq and Syria hits.

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Iraqi Response and Investigation into Missile Strike

Iraq’s foreign ministry called the bombing a threat to its sovereignty and people. Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani appointed a committee to investigate the attack, underlining its security threat. Iraq’s foreign ministry summoned its Tehran ambassador to discuss the missile strike.

Following the assassination of three Guardsmen in Syria, Iran has threatened retaliation. Iran also pledged vengeance for an earlier incident in Kerman, where over 80 people died during a memorial service for 2020 U.S. drone-hit victim General Qassem Soleimani.

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