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2024 Campaign Curveball: Chris Christie Hits Pause Amidst Pressure from Nikki Haley Allies

Chris Christie suspends 2024 campaign after pressure from Nikki Haley allies (Photo: Google)

Chris Christie has abruptly halted his 2024 presidential campaign, citing a lack of realistic options.

Chris Christie suspends 2024 campaign after pressure from Nikki Haley allies (Photo: Google)

Christie’s Presidential Bid

Christie announced his campaign’s difficult path in New Hampshire, focusing on his opposition to former President Donald Trump. Christie had concentrated on New Hampshire, where he had double-digit poll numbers and placed third behind former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

A University of New Hampshire Survey Center survey found Christie with 12% support, behind Haley at 32% and Trump at 39%. Christie and Haley’s 44% total eclipsed Trump’s, suggesting a change. However, a second USA Today-Boston Globe-Suffolk University survey showed Trump leading Haley by 20 points, raising doubts about Christie’s total influence.

In response to Christie’s decision, Haley praised his hard-fought campaign and stressed voters’ clear options. Christie, renowned for criticizing primary opponents for not confronting Trump sufficiently, expressed worries about the split field, citing his unique position as the lone contender facing Trump.

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Sununu’s Endorsement, Super-PAC Push, and Christie’s Defiance

After Haley’s endorsement by popular New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, Christie was pressured to suspend his campaign. Before backing Christie, Sununu advised him to withdraw because Nikki Haley had the momentum to unite the field against Trump. The super-PAC backing Haley also tried to get Christie to drop out, arguing that Christie’s 2016 endorsement of Trump helped him.

Christie never gave in to pressure and skepticism about Haley’s aspirations, creating fears about what would happen if he endorsed her and she became Trump’s running mate. Christie’s campaign suspension shows the convoluted Republican race, where competitors challenge the previous president’s power.

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