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Trump and RNC Chair McDaniel Pressured Detroit Officials in 2020 Election Certification, Claims Report

(Photo: NY Post)

Former President Donald Trump and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel allegedly exerted pressure on Detroit election officials to withhold certification of Michigan’s 2020 election results, as per reports. During a recorded conversation, Trump purportedly urged Wayne County Board of Canvassers members, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, to resist certifying the election results, citing concerns about the election’s integrity.

(Photo: NY Post)

Trump and McDaniel Allegedly Offered Legal Aid to Detroit Officials Amid Election Certification Dispute

McDaniel, present on the call, reportedly hinted at offering legal aid through the RNC to Palmer and Hartmann if they chose not to sign the certification. Trump emphasized fighting for the country and suggested it would be unfavorable for the officials to validate the election results, despite their earlier opposition.

The Republican canvassers later voted to certify the 2020 vote results despite the initial resistance. However, Palmer and Hartmann attempted to retract their votes a day after the call but were unsuccessful. The conversation occurred after a board meeting, revealing efforts to influence officials post-discussion.

Both Trump and McDaniel allegedly implied legal aid and criticized the election process, stating that Detroit had irregularities. They contended that certifying the election without an audit would hinder uncovering the truth behind the votes in Detroit.

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Trump’s Continued Election Doubts Spark Calls for Audit in Wayne County

Following the call, Trump publicly reiterated doubts about the integrity of the election, claiming more votes than actual people and irregular poll numbers. Despite Joe Biden’s win in Michigan and Wayne County, Trump and McDaniel persisted in their call for an audit based on alleged irregularities.

The conversation with Wayne County officials drew attention amid the widespread controversy over the 2020 election results. Trump’s continued assertions of election irregularities and calls for audits fueled persistent debates over the legitimacy of the electoral process.

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