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Iowa Republicans Unfazed by Trump-Hitler Comparisons: Resilient in the Face of Controversy


In an Iowa campaign address, Donald Trump said illegal immigrants are “destroying the blood of our country.” Despite contentious remarks, he denied reading Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.


Iowa Republicans Unfazed By Trump Comparisons To Hitler (Photo: CNN)

Divided Opinions and Controversial Rhetoric

Iowa Republicans were unconcerned by former President Donald Trump’s Hitler-like outbursts, according to the Biden administration and historians. Even Trump detractors, like Belmond resident Dallas Johnson, considered Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley for the caucuses due to fears about Trump’s legal difficulties affecting a general election.

Dallas Johnson of Belmond supports a border but is wary of Trump as the communicator. Trump was criticized for calling illegal immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country” in New Hampshire. He defended his position during a Waterloo rally, arguing that immigration harms the nation. Trump denied reading Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” In a TV interview before Trump’s Iowa event, Vice President Kamala Harris compared his statements to the Nazi leader.

Some think Donald Trump’s initial immigration rhetoric is more harsh than his second-term policies. Cedar Falls resident and German immigrant Adi Cemalovic sees Trump’s words as a strategy to pander to the party’s extremes. Cemalovic admits Trump’s financial ties to immigrants, believing he doesn’t dislike them.

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Varied Perspectives on Trump’s Immigration Views

Trump’s distinction between immigrant categories pleases him. An Iowa caucus poll found that 42% of prospective GOP caucus goers would support Trump because of his comments on illegal immigrants, 28% would not, and 29% are indifferent. Trump supporters like Cedar Falls’ Ann Menster say his views are not as radical as detractors say, expressing concern about bad immigrants entering the country and emphasizing the need to care for people. Menster opposes Nazi camps and immigrant murder.

Christian Kapler of Clear Lake disagrees with Donald Trump’s comments on immigrants, emphasizing the need to treat everyone with dignity. Kapler will caucus for Ron DeSantis, preferring a different approach.

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