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Suozzi Chosen by Democrats to Fill George Santos’ Shoes in Special Election

Tom Suozzi and George Santos (Photo: Google)

After the incident, Democrats are picking former Rep. Tom Suozzi for Santos’ key Long Island district. The first big 2024 event: combat race.

Tom Suozzi (Photo: Google)

Suozzi Chosen by New York Democrats for Critical Special Election Amidst GOP Criticism and High Stakes

New York Democrats picked Tom Suozzi for Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Feb. 13 special election following George Santos’ expulsion. Representative Greg Meeks and Nassau County Democratic and statewide leader Jay Jacobs supported him. International attention and campaign finance are expected for the Nassau County and Queens special election.

Democrats want to flip the seat, diminish House Republican dominance, and impact 2024. Immigration, public safety, and abortion will be contested early. Former three-term legislator Tom Suozzi will work across parties to enhance his community’s affordability, safety, and quality of life. Glen Cove mayor and Nassau County executive moderate Congressman Suozzi departed in 2022. Governor Kathy Hochul’s primary opponent, Suozzi, won the special election Democratic nomination.

Privately, Hochul and Suozzi discussed campaign strategy and issues. Republicans criticize Suozzi’s moderation, while Democrats promote unity and prosperity. Suozzi’s last opponent, former state Sen. Anna Kaplan, backed him following his nomination. Shortly, Republican candidates will emphasize thorough screening after the George Santos scandal.

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Concerns Arise Over Backgrounds of GOP Candidates

George Santos’ Republican opponents’ history has raised worries. Former Democrat Mazi Pilip is now a GOP Nassau County legislator. Mike Sapraicone, another candidate, was attacked for a racist statement.

State Sen. Jack Martins, attorney Greg Hache, and Air Force veteran Kellen Curry are candidates. Santos, who misrepresented in his biography, was fired from Congress and charged with federal fraud. He criticized his successor and old coworkers on social media.

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