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Christ Christie grills Ron DeSantis: 11 Trump Fit for Office Questions Ignored!

Ron DeSantis dodges 11 consecutive questions from Chris Christie on Trump's fitness for office (Photo: Google and YouTube)

Ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) clashed during the GOP debate over DeSantis’ stance on former President Donald Trump’s suitability for the presidency should he secure the Republican Party’s nomination.

Is He Fit?

DeSantis contended that Trump shouldn’t be the party’s nominee due to his aging since his 2016 run, suggesting a preference for a younger candidate. DeSantis pointed out Trump’s visible signs of aging, stating, “Look, he is showing. Father time never loses.” Christie, in response, repeatedly pressed DeSantis on whether he believed Trump was mentally suitable for the presidency, criticizing him for evading a straightforward answer. Christie posed the question, “Is he fit?” seven times, but DeSantis continued to deflect without offering a direct response.

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Ron Desantis and Chris Christie (Photo: Google and YouTube)

In a published article by The Hill, DeSantis maintained that Father Time is undefeated and stressed the GOP’s need to choose a younger president who can serve two terms, which Trump cannot do under the Constitution.

Christie replied, “Either you’re afraid or not listening,” to DeSantis’ repeated questions regarding Trump’s fitness. DeSantis dodged Christie’s question 11 times, including four more times.

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