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Woman Alleges Sexual Assault by New York City Mayor Eric Adams in 1993

NYC Mayor Eric Adams accused of 1993 sexual assault

A recent court document states that a woman accused New York Mayor Eric Adams of sexually abusing her in 1993.

Under the Adult Survivors Act of New York, the woman filed a summons naming Adams, the NYPD, and two unidentified parties as defendants.

According to the filing, the two were employed by the city at the time. Adam was a captain in the police.

“Plaintiff was sexually assaulted by Defendant Eric Adams in New York, New York, in 1993 while they both worked for the City of New York,” the summons stated. “The claims brought here allege intentional and negligent acts and omissions for physical, psychological, and other injuries suffered as a result of conduct that would constitute sexual offenses.”

The summons is a prelude to a formal complaint outlining the specifics of the alleged attack.

“The mayor does not know who this person is. If they ever met, he doesn’t recall it. But he would never do anything to physically harm another person and vigorously denies any such claim,” a spokesperson for City Hall stated.

In response to the accusation, Adams declared it to be “absolutely not true.”

“This is something that has never happened,” he stated. “I don’t even recall meeting the person, and I’m going to remain steadfast in running the city. I would not harm anyone in any manner such as that.”

The NYPD does not have any records of the woman employed by the department, a source told ABC News.

The Adult Survivors Act is set to expire at midnight on December 31, 2022. It got rid of the deadline for accusers of sex abuse to file a lawsuit. The summons states that the woman is requesting at least $5 million.

Stage 5 Clinger’: Trump Ally Dismisses Ex-President’s Staffer’s Rape Allegations as False

An ally of Donald Trump accused the former president’s staff member of lying in a lawsuit that claimed Trump aide Jason Miller had sexually assaulted her.

It is known that the employee, Arlene “A.J.” Delgado, gave birth to Miller’s child many years ago. Although Laura Loomer is accusing her of fabricating her involvement in a social media post, she has since changed her story to say that she wasn’t consenting. Trump has frequently shared Loomer’s content, and at his most recent rally in Florida, the former president acknowledged her personally.

Far-right activist Loomer, who was once considered for Trump’s campaign, posted on social media, saying, “@AJDelgado13 has a history of lying about men she has affairs with. She seems to have a very obsessive personality. She is 100% a lying whore and a stage 5 clinger.” Loomer describes herself as a “proud Islamophobe.”

“Here’s a copy of a restraining order one of the men she dated, John de Neufville of G2 Investment Group, filed against her after she wouldn’t stop harassing and stalking him,” said Loomer. She supposedly aborted the child and never left the man alone, and now she’s accusing @JasonMillerinDC of rape because he refused to leave his wife for her. What a crazy woman! She should go to jail for making up a rape accusation against a man. False accusers of rape ought to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.”

Loomer said it’s “very clear” that Delgado “is running a smear job” on Miller in a previous post.

“I wonder if she is being paid to accuse a Trump administration employee of sexual assault? She just started taking Venmo payments on X, I noticed. What’services’ are you receiving payment for on X, AJ? How come you would have to link your Venmo before accusing Jason of sexual assault?” Loomer inquired. The Trump backer went on:

“How can you claim you were ‘raped’ when in 2017, you told @people Magazine that you and Jason had ‘a really nice, sweet relationship’? People don’t describe their ‘rapists’ as sweet and nice. You also said the relationship ‘wasn’t vulgar’. Rape is vulgar. Yet you said your time with Jason was sweet.”

Delgado charges Miller in the lawsuit with “a cycle of sexual coercion, rape, sexual assault, abuse, battery, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking.”

Delgado claims that he has received death threats since bringing the lawsuit. She shared on social media, saying, “I am not surprised, but it is still alarming; this is what happens when you speak up against thugs.”

There was evidence that Miller had had penetrating sex with her in her hotel suite, relations that were not consented to by Delgado, and Delgado was fully unable to consent to any sexual relations. “The next morning, Delgado awoke in the bedroom portion of the suite, partially dressed, with her jumpsuit hanging around her ankle, what appeared to be vomit on the side of her pillow, and one of her high heels on the bed,” the lawsuit claims.

The claims were refuted by Miller in a statement to The Daily Beast, in which she described her lawsuit as a part of “a pattern of conduct… simply intended to harass my family while wasting the judiciary’s time and resources.”

Delgado says she’s not staying at home to sleep for her own safety.

“In response to the death threat allegation, William and I will be staying in a motel in a different location,” she wrote on social media today.

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