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Disagreement Over $100 Billion US Military Aid Proposal to Ukraine and Israel Sparks Capitol Talks


Antony Blinken’s Talks with Speaker Johnson: US Military Aid Proposal for Ukraine and Israel Sparks Disagreement

Top US diplomat Antony Blinken met with Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson at the Capitol to address the dispute over President Joe Biden’s proposed $100 billion in US military aid to Ukraine and Israel, along with border security funding. (Photo: apnews)

Antony Blinken in Capitol for Talks on Controversial $100 Billion US Military Aid Proposal

According to source, top US diplomat Antony Blinken held discussions with Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson at the Capitol aiming to address the disagreement over President Joe Biden’s proposal for approximately $100 billion in US military aid to Ukraine and Israel as well as border security funding.

Speaker Johnson’s counter offer of around $14 billion in US military aid for Israel to be funded by cutting the IRS budget faced opposition from Democrats. The future of the combined $106 billion US military aid funding request remains uncertain and whether a compromise on US military aid will be reached is yet to be determined.

During Blinken’s testimony on US military aid to the Senate committee protesters advocating for a Gaza Strip ceasefire repeatedly interrupted the proceedings. The White House confirmed that President Biden will meet with China’s President Xi Jinping in San Francisco next month.

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Arab Americans Express Concerns Over US Military Aid to Israel, Lawmakers Push for Vote

Arab Americans are showing signs of dissatisfaction with Biden’s unwavering support for Israel. Additionally, a bipartisan group of House lawmakers has called on Speaker Johnson to bring the US military aid request for Israel and Ukraine to a vote.

Meanwhile California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom‘s visit to China originally intended to address rising tensions, took an unexpected turn.

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