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The Biden administration anticipates victory in the Medicare drug bargaining battle

Biden administration
Nothing in the Constitution prohibits Medicare from haggling over the cost of prescription drugs, according to Neera Tanden. (Photo: Arab News)

Neera Tanden, a domestic policy adviser for the White House, Biden administration, stated on Sunday that she is certain that the Medicare prescription price negotiation program established by the Inflation Reduction Act will be supported in court.

Biden administration

Biden administration expects to win fight over Medicare drug negotiations. (Photo: National Catholice Reporter)

Federal government revealed the first 10 medications on Tuesday

In an article from POLITICO, there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents Medicare from negotiating prescription pricing, according to Tanden, who was speaking on “The Katie Phang Show” on MSNBC. We really, truly believe that we can prevail in these court battles because this is such a fundamental concept.

The federal government revealed the first 10 medications on Tuesday, including ones for the treatment of diabetes, heart failure, and blood clots, that will be subject to price negotiations between Medicare and pharmaceutical companies.

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Tanden noted that she anticipates the program to grow

The program under Biden administration, which aims to reduce costs for Medicare patients, has been challenged in numerous lawsuits by drug manufacturers and trade associations.

Tanden informed Phang that pricing are always negotiated. The pharmaceutical industry is engaging in illegal behavior by using the legal system to defend their right to impose any price they see fit.

Tanden noted that she anticipates the program to grow, with the addition of 15 or 20 medications in upcoming episodes.

She emphasized the significance of keeping in mind the possibility of future lists for prescriptions not now included in this one, adding that insulin prices had already been reduced, reports from Yahoo News.

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