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Biden Aims to Revive the WWII Nationwide Child Care Program

Biden Aims to Revive the WWII Nationwide Child Care Program

A nationwide child care program that was launched during the World War II era is now President Biden’s next project, but what exactly was the project, and how did it help children during the days of WWII?

President Joe Biden with students during his visit to a Pre-K classroom at East End Elementary School in New Jersey way back in October 2021 (Photo: CNN)

Nationwide Child Care that Helped All Families During WWII

The government spent roughly $1 billion in today’s economy to launch an affordable childcare program for mothers who joined and/or volunteered to help put an end to the war. The program proved helpful as it reached 635 communities across the country. Additionally, the program was a huge help to everyone because sources of income were not yet a factor for qualification, unlike today’s financial aid programs.

The program ended shortly after the war ended, leaving families who depended on the program helpless. Years later, families still struggle to look for childcare programs that fit their needs and budget. If families were to look for childcare programs in private markets, their options would not be budget-friendly.

Since Biden was unable to pass his universal pre-K proposal past Congress, he is now taking another path. This path led him to revive the WWII childcare program. In his revival of said program, companies would have to apply for particular grants that would amplify the manufacturing of semiconductor chips, allowing workers to apply for affordable childcare programs.

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All About Biden’s CHIPS Law

At present, the government has childcare programs for families, but it is simply not enough as families still struggle to afford them, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To make up alleviate this, Biden now aims to launch his CHIPS law. The CHIPS law allows the creation of incentives, which would give way for the expansion of companies. With this, companies who signed in would submit a plan, a plan that would allow their workers access to high-quality but affordable, childcare programs.

Similar to the Lanham Act, the childcare program is essentially backed by a law that leans more on industrial policies. The CHIPS law begs to differ since the service is compelled to be delivered by the employers themselves, in comparison to handing the funds directly to childcare institutions. This would mean that childcare programs are now more accessible and affordable.

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