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Taiwan Diplomat Talked About The Tension With China And Its Relation To US

Taiwan Flag
Taiwan Flag (Photo: Ebay)

Alexander Tah-Ray Yui, Taiwanese Representative to the United States shortly discussed some recent topics in his first broadcast interview with PBS’s Nick Schifrin.

Alexander Tah-Ray Yui, Taiwanese Representative to the United States

Alexander Tah-Ray Yui, Taiwanese Representative to the United States (Photo: Snip of a Youtube video upload by PBS NewsHour)

Taiwan’s many concerns related to China’s recent actions

When asked about the recent happenings in the Taiwan straits which include Chinese nationals and Taiwanese, Taiwan Diplomat to US, Alexander Tah-Ray Yui starts his response that they are maintaining the status quo but Taiwan is concerned that China is “the ones changing the red lines” in the strait.

Diplomat Yui on Nauru switching allegiance to Beijing, mentioned that Taiwanese were promised by the people of ROC lots of benefits such as economic, railways, housing, among others, but in most cases, these promises are not fulfilled.

Nick Schifrin also asked Diplomat Yui about China’s civilian aircraft flying closer to Taiwan. The Diplomat expresses concern for increased danger to their national security, for civilian people and civilian air routes encroaching on their airspace. He reiterated that China should have consulted with Taiwan just as they have done back in 2015.

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Taiwan is hopeful for continued support from the US

In Diplomat Yui’s first broadcast interview, he expressed Taiwan’s gratefulness to the US Congress for passing over 60 resolutions which favors Taiwan. He described Taiwan-US relations as rock-solid and that the support that they are getting from the US is bipartisan.

Diplomat Yui also mentioned that Taiwan is hopeful that after the US elections this November, the US will continue the bipartisan support for Taiwan, trusting that they can get the best defense capabilities as possible.

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