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Washington DC Crowned Brightest US City in December When Viewed from Space

Aerial View in Washington
Aerial View of Washington DC (Photo: NBC4 Washington)

Light Display in DC (Photos: Washington DC)

Washington DC has been declared the brightest US city in December when viewed from space, according to a recent study. The ranking, based on NASA satellite imagery from the Light Pollution Map, was conducted by a UK website that reviews online casinos.

The study found that Washington DC’s holiday lights outshone other major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Although the ranking has raised some questions about using light pollution as a measure of holiday dazzle, it has also presented a unique opportunity for individuals to witness the city’s spectacular holiday lights from low Earth orbit.

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Washingtonian, a popular DC-based magazine, reported on the study, highlighting the city’s reputation for impressive holiday light displays. According to the Social Media post of Washingtonian, DC has America’s brightest holiday lights as seen from space! The magazine also noted that the unconventional ranking has inadvertently provided an alternative way for people to experience the city’s holiday spirit.

The article humorously suggests that while enjoying holiday lights on Earth can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming, viewing them from space offers an alternative perspective that allows for complete immersion in the luminosity of the city’s holiday spirit. The article concludes by encouraging readers to consider gazing at DC’s bright lights from space for a truly out-of-this-world holiday adventure.

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