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Tragedy Unfolds: Three Stabbed to Death in NYC Home as Landlord Confesses to ‘Something Bad,’ Police Report

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After the landlord turned himself in to authorities and seemed to confess, three people—two women and one man—were discovered fatally stabbed inside a New York City residence early on Tuesday.

Around seven in the morning, the 54-year-old landlord entered the St. Albans police precinct in Queens. He said that he “did something bad,” Assistant Chief Kevin Williams of the NYPD stated during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

Williams continued, saying the man seemed composed as he spoke with the cops.

The three fatalities were discovered by police when they hurried to the man’s home at 122–39 Milburn St.

The 51-year-old lady was found face down in an upstairs bedroom after being fatally stabbed, while a man and woman, thought to be a couple, were discovered face up on a basement floor, according to the NYPD.

Police added that when emergency medical personnel arrived, they declared all three individuals dead.

The victims’ identities were not released right away; however, it is believed that they are home renters.

Williams stated that the murder weapon was still missing.

Although the reason for the stabbings is unknown, rumors suggest that the landlord may have also resided in the home and that the deaths occurred as a result of a disagreement over unpaid rent.

Fox News Digital was not able to obtain any further information from the police before it was published.

Police Fatally Shoot Suspect Involved in Execution-Style Murder of Father and Stepson

During a confrontation with police on Wednesday morning, the guy who was wanted for the Sunday execution-style killings of his two neighbors in Brooklyn was shot and killed by them.

The NYPD claims that Jason Pass, 47, was shot and killed by police after he allegedly rushed them with a knife after a traffic check. Pass was purportedly shown on terrifying video allegedly shooting the victims to death over a quarrel about noise.

Around 7:10 a.m. On Wednesday, police in south Brooklyn received a hit on the license plate of his automobile, setting off the events of the morning. He then brought the car to a stop, the NYPD announced during a news conference.

Before Pass got out of the car and started talking to police for “a few minutes,” the NYPD stated, police had encircled the vehicle.

But after that, things got violent, and Pass threw a knife at the officers. After then, police started shooting at Pass, seriously injuring him before sending him to the hospital. He finally passed away from his wounds, according to the authorities.

Pass was named as the suspect on Tuesday. He is allegedly responsible for the shooting deaths of a father and his stepson inside an apartment building in Flatbush Gardens, a large residential complex in the heart of Brooklyn, New York City. There was a reported argument about excessive noise, which led to the shooting.

Unsettling CCTV footage depicts the gunman shooting the victims, who have been identified by the police as 27-year-old Mod Chinwai and 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin, execution-style. The victims are said to have gotten into a fight on Sunday night in a corridor at Flatbush Gardens, a large apartment complex in central Brooklyn, New York City.

Several sources claim that before things became violent, Pass became enraged by sounds coming from the family apartment and knocked on the door to confront the residents.

The video opens with the suspect, named Pass, standing across the hallway from the family’s fourth-floor apartment. Mathurin, a bodybuilder and former school bus driver, is seen at his door. Pass looks to be pretty calm and is clothed in navy blue.

Before his wife emerges to address the agitated Pass, Mathurin exits the apartment and crosses into the hallway.

After that, Chinwai leaves the house behind his mother. Then, according to video acquired by the New York Post, Mathurin marches over to Pass, faces him head-on, and points the scissors in his face. Mathurin is carrying scissors.

Marie Delille, Mathurin’s wife, tries to pull her husband back, but he throws her away and goes for Pass once again. With no sound in the video, it’s difficult to understand what they’re saying.

As soon as Delille pulls Mathurin back again, it looks like Pass loses it. A video shows him taking out a revolver and pointing it at Mathurin.

Mathurin stares directly at his neighbor, seemingly unaffected, then turns back to face the gunman and tries to give the command for his wife to return inside the apartment.

After hitting Mathurin in the back at least once, the suspect starts firing at Chinwai, who looks to be running for cover. On camera, the suspect hits Chinwai twice more in the head as he falls to the ground.

Mathurin tries to stand up, but is too hurt. Delille and her ten-year-old daughter are seen storming inside their flat and slamming the door.

Then, the suspect is seen approaching Mathurin, shooting him twice, then bending down and squeezing the gun to deliver a last blow to the skull.

The shooter then exits the area peacefully through a door. The New York Post reported that nine.45-caliber round casings and five bullet fragments were found in the corridor.

Reports state that Delille, a native of Haiti, said her family has been engaged in a years-long argument with the neighbor below about noise, but that on Sunday night, her family was not causing any trouble.

“My spouse lacked a gun or any other weapon,” Delille stated to the media.

“Why did you bring a gun to shoot my family? Why would you bring a gun to tear my family apart? Why?”

Delille declared, “I need justice to be served.”

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