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Montgomery Murder Suspect Apprehended in Kentucky

Montgomery, Alabama | Getty Images

Javorski Barnes was taken into custody by the US Marshals Gulf Coast Regional Task Force on Thursday in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

After MPD arrived in the 2000 block of Zelda Road and discovered the deceased body of Dredrick Stokes, 29, of Montgomery, an investigation was launched. MPD named Barnes, a 35-year-old Montgomery resident, as the suspect and issued a national arrest warrant for him.

The inquiry is still ongoing, so the motivation for this killing is yet unknown.

Barnes will have to be extradited back to Montgomery to face charges.

Montgomery homicide

A murder that happened in the city during the night is being looked into by the Montgomery Police Department.

In response to a subject shot, MPD and Fire Medics responded to the 2000 block of Zelda Road on Wednesday, September 27, at around 1:11 a.m.

An adult male victim, who had not been named, was found dead on the site after suffering a deadly gunshot wound.

MPD has declared that they are looking into a homicide. The MPD at 625-2831, CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP, or Secret Witness at 625-4000 are the numbers they ask anybody with information on this homicide case to give.

Montgomery crime rates

Montgomery is not the safest location to visit, based on the number of gunshots and murder rates. Montgomery had one of the highest murder rates in the nation in 2021, with a rate of 38.38 per 100,000 residents. Its murder rate is comparable to those of places like Milwaukee, Dayton, and Kansas City. Additionally, Montgomery saw over 300 shootings in 2021.

With 71 recorded killings in 2021, Montgomery had a homicide rate of 38.38 per 100,000 residents.

  • Murder has risen 69% over 2019 with 42 recorded killings, and it has climbed by 4% over 2020 with 68 reported homicides.
  • The murder rate in Montgomery is 5.9 times higher than the national average.
  • The murder rate in Montgomery is four times higher than the state average.

The most perilous areas in Montgomery, Alabama, include Montgomery West, Montgomery South, Chsolm, the West End, and Park Washington. Meanwhile, Alabama’s Safest Neighborhoods in Montgomery are The Orchard, Vintage Cloverdale, Verdantdale, District of Gardens, Chalet Hill, and Step-by-Step.

During the day, it’s normally safe to explore downtown Montgomery. We advise you to stick to the more trafficked sections of downtown and not venture off the main route at night since conditions can drastically alter in some regions.

While Montgomery is not immune to storms, historically speaking, it has been fortunate to experience just three significant hurricanes. Three hurricanes have made landfall in Alabama: Hurricane Ivan in 2004, Hurricane Frederic in 1979, and Hurricane Miami in 1926.

Montgomery is vulnerable to tornadoes and is not protected from them. In Alabama, tornadoes often occur between March and May.

It is not a tornado alley in Montgomery. Tornado Alley is thought to include the following states: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Research conducted on tornadoes that happened between 1921 and 1995 found that about one-fourth of all major tornadoes happen in this region.

The M is in charge of Montgomery’s public transit network. Furthermore, it has 17 scheduled bus routes.

We do not advise using the bus at night, although it is normally safe to use between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Instead, you ought to use a ride-sharing or taxi service.

Although there are no guarantees, Montgomery is typically safe for female tourists traveling alone as long as they familiarize themselves with the city’s layout, remain in well-lit, densely populated areas, and refrain from going alone at night.

Nighttime safety in Montgomery is guaranteed as long as you avoid the dubious neighborhoods described before. If you research the city’s layout and stay away from high-crime regions, you should be able to reduce your chances of being a victim.

Even completely secure streets and squares during the day might become dubious after dark. During the day, stay where the visitors go, and at night, stay away from any locations that are not part of regular pedestrian zones.

Montgomery, Alabama’s tap water is safe to consume. Montgomery’s tap water may contain toxins in tiny quantities that might eventually cause health problems, even if it complies with EPA health criteria.

The period right after a storm or tornado, when the flow of clean water might be disrupted, is the most dangerous time to use tap water.

If you are worried about the quality of Montgomery’s tap water, we advise you to consume bottle water instead.

Tips to stay safe in Montgomery

  • A few days before your arrival, check the weather prediction. Make sure you don’t arrive right before a significant storm system is due to hit the city.
  • Find out how the city is laid out and which regions are off-limits. Make your hotel reservations appropriate.
  • Don’t do any sightseeing during the day. In certain communities, things might shift significantly at night.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times. Avoid losing yourself in your headphones or burying your face in your phone.
  • At night, stay in well-traveled, well-lit places. Avoid going through lonely places or alleyways.
  • Avoid taking long, alone walks at night. Use a ride-sharing service or hail a cab to reach your destinations.

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