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Hurricane Tammy Strengthens Into Category 2 As Forecasts Predict Its Movement Toward Northwest

Hurricane Tammy [Photo: FOX Weather]
Hurricane Tammy [Photo: FOX Weather]

Hurricane Tammy reportedly strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane on the morning of October 25. Further reports say Tammy could strengthen more as it is predicted to move towards the northwest.

National Hurricane Center's Forecasts on Hurricane Tammy [Photo: VOA News]

National Hurricane Center’s Forecasts on Hurricane Tammy [Photo: VOA News]

On the morning of October 25, Hurricane Tammy reportedly strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane as it made a turn toward the northwest. Further reports say the National Hurricane Center predicted that Hurricane Tammy could strengthen more but would weaken later in the week.

According to Webb, forecasts beyond this week are still unclear. However, heavy rain, strong winds, and rough surf are reportedly expected on the Bermuda Islands. In addition, forecasters in Florida and North Carolina also predicted ocean swells could be expected as a result of Hurricane Tammy’s prolonged navigation through the Atlantic.

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Two Names Left After Hurricane Tammy

According to Crowley, after Hurricane Tammy, there are only two names left in the 2023 list of storms which are Vince and Whitney. Nonetheless, storms could still form at any time despite the hurricane season ending on November 30 this year.

Further reports say the hurricane season this year has been above average due to an average hurricane season naming only 14 storms that are formed in the Atlantic basin. The Atlantic basin includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.

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