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Pentagon’s Report On China’s Military Buildup Claimed By East Asian Country As Misleading

China's Military Buildup [Photo: Pacific Council on International Policy]
China's Military Buildup [Photo: Pacific Council on International Policy]

The Pentagon’s annual report on China’s military buildup was claimed by the East Asian country to be misleading. Further reports say the Ministry of National Defense of China used the findings to retaliate against the U.S. for helping Israel and Ukraine.

Pentagon's Report on China's Military Buildup [Photo: VOA News]

Pentagon’s Report on China’s Military Buildup [Photo: VOA News]

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Pentagon headquarters published an annual report required by the Congress that disclosed China’s military buildup and its capabilities. Reports say China’s military buildup is seen by the U.S. government as a major threat in the country’s long-term security challenge and in the Asia-Pacific region.

However, according to Wu, on October 25, the Ministry of National Defense of China issued a response that claimed that the Pentagon’s findings on China’s military buildup were misleading. On the contrary, the East Asian country retaliated by targeting the U.S.’ actions in helping Israel and Ukraine and its buildup of military installations around the world.

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Report On China’s Military Buildup

An article in Courthouse News Service states that the Pentagon’s recent report was built on a warning in 2022 that there is an expansion of nuclear force in line with China’s military buildup. Further reports say the initial warning also claimed that Beijing was on track to multiply the number of its warheads to almost quadruple by the year 2035.

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