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Zachery Ty Bryan Pleads Guilty to Felony Assault in Oregon Case, Cuts Deal to Avoid Prison Time

Zachery Ty Bryan, the subject of this booking photo, is shown by the Eugene, Oregon, Police Department on Saturday, October 17, 2020. The long-running 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement” featured Bryan as the oldest son. Bryan was detained on Friday, October 16, 2020, in Oregon and is accused of strangling and assault. (Eugene Police Department – AP)

The ‘Home Improvement’ actor was in court to answer charges stemming from a July arrest, and according to his attorney, “Mr. Bryan decided to accept this resolution and admit that he recklessly caused physical injury to his domestic partner to avoid further trauma to his family so they could move on and heal.”

Following his July 28 arrest in Eugene, Oregon, Zachery Ty Bryan, 41, of Laguna Beach, California, is accused of fourth-degree felony assault, third-degree robbery, and harassment, according to online records. In a statement to PEOPLE, Bryan’s attorney, John Kolego said: “Presumption of innocence is extremely important, and people should withhold judgment until they see what the actual facts are.”

Bryan, 42, entered a guilty plea to felony fourth-degree assault, which is considered domestic abuse, during today’s hearings. A second count was dropped as part of a negotiated settlement, and Bryan will now serve 36 months of closely monitored probation, seven days in jail, and adhere to a set of rules typical of domestic violence cases rather than serving 19 to 20 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Those requirements include receiving alcohol and substance addiction treatment, refraining from alcohol and drug usage going ahead, and refraining from any contact with the victim without the probation officer’s consent. Bryan would have to serve the 19 to 20 months of prison time the court suspended as part of the agreement if he broke any of the aforementioned terms. Chris Parosa, the chief deputy district attorney for Lane County, and John Kolego of Kolego & Kraushaar, Bryan’s private attorney, both verified specifics of today’s court proceeding to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Mr. In order to save his family additional distress and allow them to move on and recover, Bryan chose to accept this conclusion and confess that he carelessly hurt his domestic partner physically, Kolego tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Bryan was charged with third-degree robbery, fourth-degree assault, and a misdemeanor allegation of harassment after he was detained by the Eugene Police Department on July 28. A representative for the Eugene Police Department verified to THR that that evening, Eugene police officers responded to a violent altercation between a man, Bryan, and an unnamed adult female at a north Eugene apartment that had happened a few hours earlier. While in the vicinity, Bryan was contacted and taken to the Lane County Jail, where he was booked on a single fourth-degree assault charge in accordance with the Abuse Prevention Act.

Bryan has been dating Johnnie Faye Cartwright for a number of years; They have three small children together, including a pair of twins who were born in May, despite the fact that she was not included in the arrest report. Cartwright, Bryan’s fiancee, said in a statement to the media that she would “always want what’s best for the father of my children.” She added: “Trauma may bring problems in many shapes and forms. It’s a terrible circumstance that will be portrayed in a variety of ways. I’ve discovered personally that the truth never corresponds with what has been propagated. For the sake of the kids and our families and the start of the healing process, I kindly urge everyone to respect our privacy.

In October 2020, after the Eugene Police Department reported that officers were called to a North Eugene apartment after a report of a physical dispute, Bryan was found guilty of assault and strangulation charges against Johnnie Faye Cartwrite, the mother of three of his seven children. When Cartwrite attempted to dial 911, police claimed that Bryan choked her, restricted her breathing, and seized her phone. Later that evening, he was registered with the Lane County prison. Since then, Bryan has completed three years of probation and taken part in a Bridges2Safety violence prevention program. In addition, according to his now-disabled Instagram account, he was charged with violating a court order prohibiting communication with Cartwrite, with whom he became engaged in November 2021.

Bryan is now charged with assault in the fourth degree under the Oregon Family Abuse Prevention Act, which shields families from having to file for divorce or legal separation when a family member has been the victim of domestic abuse, as a result of the court-ordered restraining order.

Bryan revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that the drunken altercation with Cartwrite in 2020 took place a few weeks after he made his separation from Carly Matrol, his ex-wife and the mother of his four children, public knowledge.

“We hardly even engaged in that physical activity. We became quite noisy. All of our neighbors could hear us cry since we were in a townhouse with [thin walls]. At the moment, Johnnie was only really unhappy about my circumstance. Bryan claims that the police “throw a bunch of counts at you because they ultimately want you to plead to something,” making light of his notoriety. He also claims that the police gave him the moniker “Country Club Zach.” “I could have battled it, but it would have added stress and drama. Bryan told The Hollywood Reporter, “I got two misdemeanors and called it a day.

Four DUI arrests and a default judgment in a breach of contract case brought by a guy who claimed Bryan failed to repay a $60,000 investment he made via Bryan in the feature picture Warning round out Bryan’s history of legal issues. Bryan stated in his THR interview that despite the last few years being difficult, he felt as though he had turned the corner and controlled his drinking issue and turbulent personal life.

Cartwright has shown her support for her fiancé in the wake of the news of his most recent arrest. In an interview with US Weekly, the 30-year-old model said that she had “learned the truth firsthand” and that it “will never align with what’s been put out there.” She also stated that she would “always want what’s best for the father of my children.”

Bryan, who continues to work in the entertainment business, is the father of seven children by two separate women.

“There are stressors and triggers every day, but I’m learning coping mechanisms. I get up, go for a pleasant stroll, then return and play soccer with the kids. Instead of attempting to dream about the big events, I try to savor the tiny ones. As long as we can avoid drinking, the journey will be interesting. Then, everything will go well.”

Bryan is most remembered for portraying the role of Brad opposite Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Taran Noah Smith in the enduring and adored sitcom Home Improvement. He transitioned from TV and film roles after the show’s successful run to producing and investing in feature films. He and his first wife, Matros, had four children together. He also kept himself occupied by investing in cryptocurrencies and other digital and new media start-ups.

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