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Murder Suspect Who Shot 15-Year-Old To Death Beaten By Victim’s Family in Texas Courtroom

Murder Suspect Victor Rivas [Photo: New York Post]
Murder Suspect Victor Rivas [Photo: New York Post]

Victor Rivas was attacked by the family of the victim he was accused of shooting to death in May 2022. Reports say the murder suspect was awaiting a preliminary hearing when four individuals disrupted the court proceedings.

Victim's Family Attacks Murder Suspect in Texas Courtroom [Photo: San Antonio Express-News]

Victim’s Family Attacks Murder Suspect in Texas Courtroom [Photo: San Antonio Express-News]

On October 20, while awaiting a preliminary hearing in a courtroom in Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas, Victor Rivas, 18, was attacked and beaten by the family of Ethan Soto, then 15. Reports say following the shooting which led to the death of Soto in May 2022, Rivas had faced charges of murder.

An article in ABC News states that Adam LaHood, the murder suspect’s attorney, claimed that his client was not injured but would sustain bruises and swelling. Nonetheless, following the courtroom melee, four unnamed individuals— two male adults and two juveniles— have been arrested. Further reports say they will face charges of disrupting court proceedings and assault for attacking the murder suspect in court.

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Another Courtroom Melee in Houston

According to an article in KTAR News, on October 17, another melee also broke out during a court hearing in Harris County in Houston. Reports say the family of a 16-year-old female attempted to attack the murder suspect after pleading guilty to shooting the victim to death.

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