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Several EF-2 Tornadoes Sweep Through Parts of Florida, Damaging Houses, Businesses On Both Coasts

EF-2 Tornadoes in Florida [Photo: FOX Weather]
EF-2 Tornadoes in Florida [Photo: FOX Weather]

Several EF-2 tornadoes have swept through some parts of Florida and damaged houses and businesses on both the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. However, further reports say the storm system began moving off into the Atlantic waters which will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms.

EF-2 Tornadoes in Florida [Photo: CNN]

EF-2 Tornadoes in Florida [Photo: CNN]

On October 12, several EF-2 tornadoes swept through the state of Florida which damaged houses, businesses, and cars on both the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Reports say EF-2 tornadoes destroyed at least 2 houses in Clearwater Beach. In Dunedin, north of Clearwater Beach, power lines were also reported to have been knocked over to the ground.

Furthermore, an article on FOX Weather states that EF-2 tornadoes also destroyed several houses and businesses around 65 miles north of the city of Crystal River. Officials from Citrus County also stated that most roads have been closed due to debris and downed power lines and trees which canceled schools yesterday.

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EF-2 Tornadoes in Florida

According to an article on CNN, in the afternoon of October 11, millions of residents of Florida were under a tornado watch during the peak of the threat of EF-2 tornadoes. Reports say wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour and periods of heavy rain were predicted to occur in the afternoon across the northern parts of the state.

However, the EF-2 tornadoes are also predicted to begin moving into the Atlantic waters during the afternoon. This suggests that heavy rainfall and powerful thunderstorms are possible over the area with the events beginning to dwindle into the evening.

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