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Epic Games, Fornite Creator, Ask Supreme Court to Hear Antitrust Case Against Apple’s App Store Rules

Epic Games, Fornite creator, submitted a request for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court, seeking a decision from the Court in its ongoing legal clash with Apple. (Photo: Top Class Actions)

Epic Games, Fornite creator, has asked the Supreme Court to review a 2021 ruling that cleared Apple’s App Store policies of federal antitrust violations. This is part of their ongoing dispute over how games can be downloaded on Apple devices.

Epic Games, Fornite creator, submitted a request for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court, seeking a decision from the Court in its ongoing legal battle with Apple. (Photo: The Verge)

Epic Games, Fornite Creator, Asks Supreme Court To Hear Apple Case 

According to MacRumors,  Epic Games, Fornite creator,  has filed a petition with the Supreme Court, asking for a ruling in its legal battle with Apple. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals previously ruled in favor of Apple, stating that Apple’s App Store rules do not violate antitrust law.

The Fornite creator has been seeking a ruling that would allow it to offer apps directly to consumers without using the App Store and paying Apple a 30 percent commission. The fornite creator, Epic Games, argues that Apple contributes nothing to its digital goods, such as Fortnite skins, and should not be entitled to a cut of the proceeds.

The Supreme Court will decide whether to hear the case, and Apple may also ask for a ruling regarding the requirement to allow alternative purchase options outside the App Store. Apple has not yet made a decision within the 90-day limit given after the appeals court ruling.

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The Fornite Creator “Epic Games” and Apple Legal Battle

According to Forbes, the Fornite creator, “Epic Games” and Apple have been in a legal battle for years, starting when Apple penalized Epic for offering discounts to Fortnite players who used Epic’s payment system instead of Apple’s App Store. In 2021, a federal judge ruled that Apple did not have a mobile gaming monopoly but found out that Apple violated California state laws on unfair competition by prohibiting app developers from informing users about alternative payment methods outside of the App Store.

This ruling allowed apps to direct users to external payment options. However, this change is on hold due to ongoing appeals. Both Epic Games and Apple appealed the decision, and a federal appeals court upheld it in April. Now, Epic Games, fornite creator, is seeking Supreme Court intervention to overturn this decision after the Supreme Court rejected an earlier attempt to enforce the changes from the initial ruling.

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