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Changes In SNAP Work Requirements Affect Recipients— Here’s What You Need To Know!

SNAP Work Requirements [Photo:]
SNAP Work Requirements [Photo:]

The changes that recently took effect in the SNAP work requirements have affected the old and poor recipients of the benefits. In this article, read and find out what are the new rules that operated beginning September 1!

SNAP Work Requirements For Monthly Benefits [Photo: Brookings Institution]

SNAP Work Requirements For Monthly Benefits [Photo: Brookings Institution]

Apart from the policies that cut the COVID-19 pandemic financial assistance for the poor and the working-class individuals, the new rules for the SNAP work requirements that took effect on September 1 only aggravated the situation.

An article in Salon states that the changes in the SNAP work requirements mandated impoverished recipients aged up to 50 years old to work 80 hours per month for their monthly benefits. Further reports say by the year 2024, the SNAP work requirements will extend the age up to 54 years.

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Impacts of New SNAP Work Requirements

According to Budner, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) announced that the new SNAP work requirements endangered around 750,000 recipients aged 50 to 54 years old from losing their monthly SNAP benefits.

Unfortunately, reports say most workers aged 51 to 64 do not have steady employment despite 14% of them relying on the SNAP benefits to sustain their necessities. Furthermore, data from the U.S. Census revealed that almost 33% of Americans are living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level which includes more women and more Black and Hispanic Americans.

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