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Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons Being Developed by China, CCP BioThreats Initiative Researchers Say

Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons Developed by China [Photo: Investor's Business Daily]
Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons Developed by China [Photo: Investor's Business Daily]

Researchers from the Chinese Communist Party BioThreats Initiative revealed that China is recently developing its electromagnetic pulse weapons. Reportedly, these weapons are able to impair warplanes, military bases, and even the electric grid.

Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons Developed by China [Photo: Asia Times]

Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons Developed by China [Photo: Asia Times]

On September 6, the “There’s Darkness in the Distance: The Rising Threat of China‘s EMP Weapons to U.S. Defenses and Critical Infrastructure” report was published by researchers Ryan Clarke, L.J. Eads, and Xiaoxu Sean Lin.

An article in Head Topics states that the three researchers were intelligence and military analysts who were part of a program called the ‘Chinese Communist Party BioThreats Initiative’ that pursued the study of the Chinese military and weaponry.

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Impacts of the Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons

According to Gertz, the three researchers revealed that China is making significant progress in developing and experimenting with electromagnetic pulse weapons. Reports say electromagnetic pulse weapons could disable the electronics of warplanes and even the military bases of the U.S. In addition, the electromagnetic pulse weapons could also endanger the controls for the U.S. critical infrastructure which includes the electric grid.

Further reports say in 2020, a military report also revealed that China has a strong magnetic pulse compressor that produces high-powered electromagnetic pulse weapons that could impair sensitive electronics. This suggests that apart from being able to damage electronic equipment, immobilize defense systems, and destroy communications, electromagnetic pulse weapons may also be used to attack Taiwan in a military assault.

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