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U.S.-China War: China’s Invasion of Taiwan Might Trigger War Between United States And China

U.S.-China War [Photo: Diplomatic Courier]
U.S.-China War [Photo: Diplomatic Courier]

The country of China’s threats to invade Taiwan by force may be one of the hypothetical scenarios that could trigger the U.S.-China war. Further reports say if a war ever breaks out between both countries, the South China Sea could become the battleground of the most powerful nations in the world.

China Invading Taiwan Could Trigger U.S.-China War [Photo: ABC]

China Invading Taiwan Could Trigger U.S.-China War [Photo: ABC]

Reports say China believes that Taiwan is a part of their country that needs to be reclaimed under the control of Beijing despite being a self-governing nation located 100 miles away. In theory, after almost twenty years of building an invasion force, China would commence the reclamation of Taiwan.

Thereafter, according to Episkopos, the invasion of Taiwan could become one of the scenarios that would trigger the U.S.-China war. Again, in theory, the invasion could get off to a bad start as Chinese military forces struggle to accomplish a difficult operation.

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Start of U.S.-China War

According to Mizokami, in theory, the start of the U.S.-China war would commence as the American forces would suffer from a setback after its military bases in the countries of Japan and Guam were to be struck by the Precision-Guided Munition of China which are explosive bombs, missiles, or rockets guided by a control system that uses a global positioning system (GPS), a laser guidance beam, or an integrated inertial navigation.

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