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Jay-Z’s Team Roc Hires Lawyer To Represent Wrongful Arrest At Applebee’s in Wisconsin

Team Roc Hires Alex Spiro [Photo: Complex]
Team Roc Hires Alex Spiro [Photo: Complex]

American rapper Jay-Z’s Team Roc hired a lawyer to represent Jermelle English Jr. after he was wrongfully arrested at an Applebee’s in Wisconsin. Reports say the Kenosha Police mistakenly believed that English Jr. was involved in a hit-and-run incident.

Team Roc Hires Lawyer After Wrongful Arrest in Applebee's [Photo: Billboard]

Team Roc Hires Lawyer After Wrongful Arrest in Applebee’s [Photo: Billboard]

In an incident last July, officers from the Kenosha Police Department mistakenly believed that Jermelle English Jr. was involved in a hit-and-run and arrested him at an Applebee’s in Wisconsin. Reports say a cell phone footage caught the Kenosha police pinning down English Jr. on the ground and pulling away his 1-year-old child that he was holding in his hands.

According to Lamarre, witnesses told police that the actual suspects involved in the hit-and-run were two Black men and a woman. The suspects were later found and arrested in the restaurant’s bathroom. Nonetheless, the police reportedly charged English Jr. and the woman he was with with resisting and obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana.

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Team Roc Representing English Jr.

Fortunately, according to Elibert, American rapper Jay-Z’s Team Roc, the Roc Nation’s social justice division, decided to hire attorney Alex Spiro to represent English Jr. and get all the charges filed against him dropped.

Team Roc’s managing director Dania Diaz states that the Team Roc will be supporting English Jr. and his family in demanding justice and holding the Kenosha police accountable for the wrongful arrest and the careless endangerment of an infant child. Further statement from the Team Roc states that along with getting the charges dropped, Spiro will also work on assessing the civil lawsuits against those who are responsible for the incident.

Reports say in 2020, the Team Roc also helped the community of Milwaukee when they organized a rally for Alvin Cole who was killed by a police officer in the city of Wauwatosa. The Team Roc reportedly paid legal fees for the protesters who were fined and arrested.

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