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U.S.-China Flights Increase Still Not Likely To Improve Business Relations Despite Boost in Tourism

U.S.-China Flights [Photo:]
U.S.-China Flights [Photo:]

The administration of President Biden announced that it will double the number of flights. However, despite the boost in tourism, experts say it will still not likely improve the business relations between both countries.

U.S.-China Flights [Photo: Aviation Week]

U.S. China Flights [Photo: Aviation Week]

Reports say the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden announced earlier this month that the capitals Washington, D.C. and Beijing would double the number of flights that are allowed to travel between both countries.

An article in the South China Morning Post states that on September 1, the flights that are allowed to fly will rise to 18 from 12 and by late October, they are expected to double to 24. Reportedly, America’s three largest airlines— the United Airlines, the Delta Air Lines, and the American Airlines— even plan to further increase the number of flights to the mainland in the following months.

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Despite Additional Flights

According to an article in Yahoo Finance, the additional  U.S.-China flights came after the East Asian country lifted its COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on group tours to host countries such as the U.S., Japan, and Australia.

Reports say Professor Wang Yiwei of Renmin University stated that the flights will be embraced by some investors, tourists, and international students. The increase will also reportedly be more conducive to cultural exchanges.

However, Associate Professor Alfred Wu of the National University of Singapore maintained that the added flights do not have a substantial impact on diplomatic, business, and academic relations. This is because Wu believes that both countries have increasingly negative views toward one another.

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