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Tropical Storm Idalia Forecasted To Develop Into Major Hurricane Before Florida Landfall

Tropical Storm Idalia [Photo: The Guardian]
Tropical Storm Idalia [Photo: The Guardian]

The Tropical Storm Idalia is forecasted to develop into a major hurricane before it makes landfall in Florida. Further reports say such sudden spikes have been indicators of history’s most alarming hurricanes.

National Hurricane Center's Forecast on Tropical Storm Idalia [Photo: VOA News]

National Hurricane Center’s Forecast on Tropical Storm Idalia [Photo: VOA News]

On August 28, the National Hurricane Center forecasted that the Tropical Storm Idalia will likely develop into a Category 3 major hurricane as it nears the west coast of Florida. In addition, Rosenstiel School of Marine Senior Research Associate Brian McNoldy posted on X that the tropical storm is poised to rapidly intensify today, August 29.

An article in USA Today states that the rapid intensification of a tropical storm is when it undergoes accelerated growth. This suggests that a tropical storm could be intensifying by at least 35 mph in 24 hours. Hurricane Researcher Phil Klotzbach of Colorado State University previously stated that a tropical storm rapidly intensifies when a conducive environment such as very warm waters, high levels of midlevel moisture, and low-level wind shear happens.

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Tropical Storm Into Hurricane

According to an article in NBC News, National Weather Service Director Ken Graham stated that such sudden spikes in the growths of a tropical storm have been indicators of history’s most alarming hurricanes.

Reports say out of the 10 hurricanes with winds of 150 mph or more that hit the U.S. mainland in 104 years, Hurricane Ian had two spikes in growths that reached winds of 155 mph before it made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida in September 2022.

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