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Police Officer Killed in Chicago – Convicted Man Receives Life Sentence for the Murder

Man found guilty of the murder of a police officer killed in Chicago. 

A man was sentenced to life imprisonment after killing Clifton Lewis, a police officer killed in Chicago. (Photo: ABC7)

Alexander Villa Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For The Murder Of An Off-duty Police Officer Killed In Chicago In 2011

In an article published by Fox 32, Alexander Villa, convicted in the murder of Clifton Lewis, a police officer killed in Chicago police, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Police officer Lewis was killed while performing security duties at a convenience store in 2011. Villa plans to challenge his conviction, asserting he was wrongly implicated.

Co-defendants Edgardo Colon and Tyrone Clay, linked to the case of a police officer killed in Chicago, had their charges dropped this year due to coerced confessions. In 2019, Villa was found guilty and now seeks to reverse the verdict by presenting evidence that points to prosecutors concealing crucial information and manipulating records.

Colon’s conviction was invalidated as he was coerced into waiving his right to legal counsel during his confession, while Clay’s statement was deemed inadmissible due to his lack of comprehension.

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Families Converge in Court as Case of Police Officer Killed in Chicago Conclude

Both families gathered in court with CBS 2’s Sabrina Franza, providing closure after years of waiting. Lashana Lewis and her sisters stood together, commemorating Clifton Lewis, a police officer killed in Chicago in 2011, on what would have been his wedding day.

Villa’s sister, Melissa Villa, commented on the presumption of guilt within the legal system. Villa’s family, including relatives of the police officer killed in Chicago, protested outside the Cook County Courthouse, expressing dissatisfaction with the proceedings. Despite the presentation of new evidence, the judge rejected a retrial. Villa’s family had a brief meeting with him before he began serving a life sentence.

Marisol Villa, another sister, firmly asserted his innocence. The Villa family is resolute in their determination to appeal for his exoneration, reflecting the emotional journey of both families as they seek justice related to the police officer killed in Chicago.

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