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Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Two North Platte Men For Burglary and Theft

Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two North Platte men following a burglary east of Maxwell. (Photo: Google)

Two North Platte men were arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies for burglary and theft. 

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two North Platte men for burglary and theft following a burglary east of Maxwell. (Photo: Google)

Two individuals alleged to have taken a freezer filled with beef from a residence in western Nebraska Arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies – Third Suspect Sought

According to NBC Nebraska 2, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two North Platte residents after a burglary to the east of Maxwell. However, one more individual involved in the incident is currently evading capture.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, a woman dialed 911 on Monday after observing a pickup truck departing from her residence with her freezer loaded onto the truck’s bed.

Upon investigation, law enforcement officers determined that the burglars had taken off with not only her freezer filled with beef but also a Crown Victoria vehicle and various tools and belongings parked at the house.

The following day, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies located the stolen car at a North Platte park.

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Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies Found the Stolen Items and Contraband Found at North Platte Residence

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Rick Reeves, 54, and Joedy Brummels, 62, for suspected burglary and theft. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies searched Reeves’ North Platte home and found the stolen freezer outside, along with more stolen items and rifles. Reeves, a felon, is not allowed to possess guns.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies continued the search the next day, yielding more property, meth, and paraphernalia. They’re still seeking Matthew Reeves, 36, related to the thefts.

Investigation ongoing, more charges possible.

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