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New Hampshire Cyber Crimes Are Rising In Numbers According to Authorities!

New Hampshire Cyber Crimes Are Rising In Numbers
New Hampshire Cyber Crimes Are Rising In Numbers According to Authorities! (PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine)

New Hampshire cyber crimes are rising in numbers with schools being a particularly vulnerable target. Recent incidents in the Nashua and Lebanon school districts highlight the growing threat of cybersecurity attacks, Boston Globe-News reported.

New Hampshire Cyber Crimes Are Rising In Numbers

New Hampshire Cyber Crimes Are Rising In Numbers According to Authorities! (PHOTO: Government Technology)

New Hampshire Cyber Crimes Attack

In 2022 alone, there were over 1,400 reported New Hampshire cyber crimes, resulting in losses of around $29.3 million, almost doubling the losses from the previous year. Experts believe that the actual figures might be even higher due to underreporting, as institutions, including schools, are often hesitant to disclose such incidents.

Cybersecurity specialists are stressing the significance of preventive measures and prompt reporting. Schools, in particular, are urged to take proactive steps to safeguard against breaches and promptly report any New Hampshire cyber crimes they encounter. Efforts are being directed towards utilizing new state and federal funding to bolster New Hampshire’s cyber crime measures.

The impact of New Hampshire cyber crimes on a school can be far-reaching, disrupting learning schedules and potentially exposing sensitive data of students. The cost of recovery and enhancing cybersecurity post-attack can be substantial, with expenses often exceeding $1 million, which includes bringing in external experts and securing systems.

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New Hampshire Cyber Crimes

Although cybersecurity attacks can be devastating, there is hope. Collaborative efforts among law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international, can lead to positive outcomes. Around 95% of cybersecurity breaches involve human error, indicating the importance of training and awareness programs.

To tackle this rising menace, New Hampshire is taking proactive steps. The State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program, introduced as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is expected to allocate significant funds, around $16.6 million, for cybersecurity initiatives in the state. These initiatives include distributing hardware tokens for multifactor authentication, transitioning websites to the .gov domain, and providing cybersecurity training for local government IT employees.

With New Hampshire cybercrimes becoming more sophisticated and widespread, the state and its institutions are working together to bolster their defenses and ensure a safer digital environment. Initiatives to strengthen cybersecurity measures, coupled with increased awareness and vigilance, will be crucial in safeguarding New Hampshire’s digital landscape.

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