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Marion Police Justified Aug. 11 Raid Through Unreleased Copies of Affidavits

Marion Police Justified Aug.11 Raid Through Unreleased Copies of Affidavits. (Photo: InterNewsCast)

After the controversial raid on August 11 led by Marion police Chief Gideon Cody, the Marion police have issued a justification through previously unreleased copies of affidavits on what incited them to do the raid in the Marion County Record and other news media outlets.

Marion police

Marion Police Justified Aug.11 Raid Through Unreleased Copies of Affidavits. (Photo: BlogSpot)

Marion Police Divulged An Affidavit

As per the published report of Bristol Herald Courier, the Marion police allegedly received heads up from Kari Newell, the local business owner involved, who claimed that a reporter has accessed her driving records through identity theft.

According to Marion police’s affidavit, reporter Phyllis Zorn’s unsolicited sought of information on Newell was what drove them to proceed with the raid.

Zorn’s side through their attorney Bernie Rhodes, debunked the Marion police’s statement and said that Zorn acted with a tip and with the Kansas Department of Revenue’s awareness of her online search where she used Newell’s name to access her personal information.

Rhodes cleared out to Marion police that Zorn’s actions were legal under both state and federal laws. He added that using a subject’s name is not identity theft but simply a way of accessing someone’s record.

In the report, Marion County Record was said to have Newell’s driver’s license number and date of birth through a source but they opted not to publish it aside from when she disclosed her driving during her license suspension.

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Marion Police Reason Was Firm

State laws have it that driving records remain confidential unless accessed through certain circumstances, according to the Marion police’s affidavit. In the meantime, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation took the lead in the investigation as to whether the Marion County Record violated state laws.

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